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I have been practicing (practice being the operative part of that word) Buddhism within the New Kadampa Tradition founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for the past 15 years. During that time I have found again and again that it is constantly useful, reliable and enriching. One of the things I really enjoy is talking with friends about practicing Buddhism in daily life. During one such conversation my friend suggested that I keep a blog to share some of the these daily experiences with others who are also interested in practicing dharma.

The name of the blog, Heart of Compassion, whilst on the one hand being an aspiration, is also an acknowledgement of a core part of my daily practice, Heart Jewel. It is part of the description of the Buddha Dorje Shugden, whose “Hands hold a sword and a heart of compassion”

The sword represents the sharp wisdom which cuts the root of ignorance and the heart of compassion is the universal love for all living beings which wishes them all to be free from suffering and experience only happiness.

I pray that Dorje Shugden will bless the contents of this blog so that both myself and the readers may be able to develop these qualities ourselves and apply them every day for the benefit of ourself and others.


The views and opinions expressed on this site are all my own personal views and opinions, they are not intended to represent or speak on behalf of NKT-IKBU and I am not associated with NKT-IKBU in any official capacity.

  1. Have you considered allowing people to subscribe to your blog so that we receive your new postings in our inbox? WordPress provides a widget where people can enter their email address and subscribe.

    • Thanks for the feedback Kadampa Ryan, i’ve enjoyed many of your posts in the past :). I think I already have that follow widget switched on (bottom right of the screen?) or am I missing a trick? I appreciate the feedback. All the best!

  2. I can’t help noticing that you haven’t done any posts in a long time! When you get time, I hope you’ll consider continuing.

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